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School Information

The Early Childhood Learning Center's mission is to intentionally build a collaborative learning community which supports the growth of physical, social/emotional, language, literacy, and pre-academic skills for all children through developmentally appropriate practices that serve as a foundation for future learning.

ECLC provides access to learning for all students by implementing a multi-tiered system of support. Observable in all classrooms is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to meet the needs of our students.

At ECLC, we are the CUBS and CUBS CARE!

C: Care for others

U: Use language

B: Build friendships

S: Stay safe

Click here for a copy of our behavioral expectations for students.

In addition, the staff at ECLC are committed to maintaining a positive, collaborative culture support all students. Click here for a copy of the behavioral expectations for staff.

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History of ECLC

The Early Childhood Learning Center was established in 2002, to bring together all of the early childhood education programs within IUSD. As Los Naranjos Elementary School was closed, ECLC took its place. Today, ECLC staff are highly trained and qualified professionals, teaching in a developmentally appropriate environment using curriculum and materials based on best practice and research in early childhood education. We have the unique opportunity to provide a continuum of services, collaborate together to share resources, and offer a range of early childhood educational experiences that align with the California State Learning Foundations. We strive to support our students and encourage success throughout their early childhood educational experiences and beyond.