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Health & Safety

ECLC is a safe place for young children to learn. Please click HERE to read a letter from State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson regarding School Safety.

Letter from OC Fire Authority about water safety (click HERE)

Information about Enterovirus-68 (click HERE for info)

Important facts about Hand washing (click HERE for web site)

Helath Care Coverage (click HERE for ALL IN Helath Care Coverage)

Tree Nut and Peanut Free School:

We are a peanut and nut free school. Please do not bring products containing any nuts or peanuts to ECLC. Over 2000 students in IUSD have severe allergies. Please help us maintain a safe environment. Click here for information regarding anaphylaxis.

Traffic and Parking Diagram for ECLC. Click HERE to see where to park!

Visiting our school:

1. All visitors must check-in at the front office when entering the school.

2. Visitors must sign in and wear a 'visitor' badge at all times on campus.

3. If your child is late to class, you must sign them in at the office.

4. All doors will remain locked during the school day with the exception of the main entrance.

5. Please do not use your cell phone on campus.

6. Supervise your child at all times.

7. No running or loud voices in the building, please.


Safety in the parking lot:

1.Build more time into your morning schedule to minimize the need to rush.

2. Please park in the FRONT parking lot; not around the center median or in the back parking lot. The spaces are tight and too congested for dropping off and picking up safely.

3. Please do not drive around the center median to avoid interfering with bus transportation.

4. Drive slowly while at ECLC ~ there are a lot of little people and hurried parents.

5. Please do not park in the red zone as this is for emergency vehicles and school buses only.

6. Always hold your child's hand in the parking lot.

7. Exit your car on the sidewalk side of the car.

8. NEVER leave your child unattended in the car.

Healthy Habits for Learning:

1. Provide a regular nights sleep of 11 -12 hours.

2. Develop hand washing habits to help stop germs from spreading.

3. Encourage daily activity.

4. Limit media exposure.

5. Provide clear boundaries for acceptable behavior.

6. Keep children home for 24 hours fever free before sending them back to school.

Emergency Preparedness Plan:

1. All staff are trained in Earthquake, Fire and Lock-down procedures.

2. A comprehensive Emergency Plan is in place in coordination with district, local and county emergency response units.

3. Monthly drills are conducted.

4. In the event of an emergency, students are supervised on the grass area in the back of the school.

5. Student/Parent re-unification will be in the back of the school.